Henrik Kürschner

42age 194height 100kg


Where are you from?
Berlin (West)

Freelance writer and graphic designer.

How long have you been cycling?
Six and a half years.

How many km do you think you ride in a year?
My record is 22.000 km in a year. This year it is something about 16.000 so maybe i will stop at 19.000 this year.

What has been your largest cycling challenge?
Cycling from here to Milan with a buddy and small backpacks was bliss. Pure bliss when we crossed into Italy ! Wonderful scenery.

What motivated you to participate in this tour?
Being with friends and cycling is what always motivates me. I may be a shit climber but I make up for it in the flats and downhill. It is to overcome oneself and being a better, healthier individual.

What is it about cycling that makes you happy?
It clears your head and lets only the good stuff be a part of you, sounds esoteric but cycling somehow makes you a better person, You have to react to everything around you because it is you that operates the vehicle and it becomes a part of your body unlike when you sit in a car cycling is an extension to loving life ;).