Joerg Haas

39age 189height 82kg


Where are you from?
I am from Munich, Bavaria where I was born and grew up. I studied and co-founded a design and online agency in 1998. In 2003 my focus shifted more towards retail. After having started an online shop the next step was to also open a physical store. In 2005 I moved to Berlin where my business partner and I continued to run our online-shop and in 2006 found our first space for Firmament. When I started road cycling about three years ago, I thought to myself – it would be cool to live close to the Alps as Berlin is very flat. But then, there is that nasty wind, always circling.

Co-owner/co-founder of Firmament (Firmament) & owner/founder of Beinghunted.

How long have you been cycling?
36+ years – and road biking for about 3 years.

How many km do you think you ride in a year?
3,000 km.

What has been your largest cycling challenge?
Completing 220 km in one day and two day ride to Usedom.

What motivated you to participate in this tour?
Friends, and, of course, being able to take part in a trip that is superbly well planned out and travels throughout one of the nicest cycling regions in Europe. I don’t think I will get a similar opportunity in the near future again.

What is it about cycling that makes you happy?
Being able to get out of the city and to ride through the beautiful landscape surrounding Berlin. Having fun with good friends but also meeting new ones. I don’t really ride a lot but for me it’s not about racking up kilometers but having a great ride and experience.