Simón Bericua López

30age 179height 80kg


Where are you from?
I was born in Gijòn and I have been living in Barcelona for 9 years.

Manager of the bicycle shop ‘My Beautiful Parking’ Barcelona.

How long have you been cycling?
I learnt when I was 5, but I took it more seriously 5 years ago.

How many km do you think you ride in a year?
Honestly I don´t know. When I was working as a bike messenger I used to ride between 60km to 100km on work days, 4 days per week for 3 years. Now as a super busy shop manager I ride on my days off, let´s say 100 km per week so around 5,200 km per year.

What has been your largest cycling challenge?
Riding from Barcelona to Madrid in 4 days – 750 km – and then once arriving in Madrid racing in the ECMC (European Cycle messenger championship) and taking 1st place for Spain and 4th for Europe overall.

What motivated you to participate in this tour?
To have the opportunity to ride in such an incredible landscape and meet more cyclists from other countries.

What is it about cycling that makes you happy?
Every time I hop on my bike, it doesn’t matter mtb, road, cx, or fixed gear, I feel that if I want I could go anywhere.