The Journey

2.384altitude meters 692.62km 56hours

The Journey


adidas Journeys, a series of events designed to build unique experiences by taking the fox out of the city, and the city out of the fox. For its first installment, adidas Journeys brought together 8 biking enthusiasts from across Europe and sent them out on a journey that tested their will power as they followed a path through the awe inspiring Südtirol Dolomites.

First leg through Bolzano’s Wine Road proved to be a good test of endurance for the rest of the journey.

Their journey began on September 2nd in the small town of Bolzano, the capital city of the Südtirol province of Northern Italy. From there they made their way through scenic roads and passes deep in the heart of the Dolomite mountain ranges.


They’ve come together from far and away and make without a doubt the one of classiest crews these mountains have ever seen, ‘HELLO MOUNTAINS’!




Along the route the adidas Journeys team stopped by Lake Caldaro, the warmest lake in the Alps, and the perfect spot to take a dip during the warm mountain summers.

Throughout the tour each rider stayed focused on the goal and tested their own stamina.

Crossing 545,20km in 6 days, and reaching altitudes of up to 3200m, this journey proved that reality beats the pants of fiction any day. Traveling from one point to the next, losing their breath at the immensity of the world around them, and seeing things from vantage points they never thought imaginable the team of 8 riders had the kind of experience one only dreams of having.








After some skydiving action the combination of fear and complete elation made each person feel as if the were floating somewhere amidst the clouds. Nothing better than a relaxed mountain side picnic, and some scenic hiking with good friends at an elevation of 2240 meters.


The trip is done, they’ve all gone home and what a great time it was for all. The challenges were intense, and sometimes seemed impossible, but the bonds that were created were strong and carried them through to the end.



Now all home, safe and in good health they’re feeling like kings of the mountains, as they recollect the experiences and many sights they’ve seen. Words can not begin to describe it all, as the experience was far more moving than anyone ever imagined it would be.

Explore your own passion for cycling and enjoy all the richness
found in the Südtirol Dolomites. Follow the adidas Journeys team, and ride the route that blew them away.
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Photography: Paolo Martelli & David Fischer